Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Reality Check

Last night was my first night home without any baseball. So of course we vegged out in front of the TV.

I just can't get enough reality shows. I guess my life is so mundane I must live vicariously through others! I watched the first episode of the new Trading Spouses last night. If you get a chance to see arepet of this it is hilarious. Two women from completely different backgrounds change places for a few days with a payoff of $50,000 at the end. There are a few catches of course but the two that traded this time is like Florida from Good Times and someone from Dynasty.

Of course Big Brother is my all time favorite. If you haven;t watched your tape yet, you should move away from this blog. I can't believe eraser head took off Paris Hilton! It is fun to watch with us at home as we rename everyone on the show. Nakomis/Nebraska/Nickle what the heck is her real name anyways?

Amazing Race is awesome once again , but why does it have to be on so late?!?!?! Shmirna and Mirna provide plenty of comic relief throughout the show.


  1. without any baseball. what are you talking about. when watching the taped episode of big brother from saturday, adam is constiantly saying "can we check the dodger game." his favorite saying. we hear it a lot when he is around.

  2. I just watched my tape of Changing Spouses. I think its very interesting too and can't wait till next week.

    Even Rita is watching Big Brother this season and the last comic standing. I guess reality shows are here to stay.

  3. I completely missed the Trading Spouses. The commercial for it looked good, when the one wife told the kids they were going to eat vegetarian. If she had tried that at our house none of would have eaten anything the whole time she was there.

    Eraserhead is a good name for him. Yuk!! Coming out with his shirt open at the end. He doesn't care if he wins as long as he gets a underwear modeling gig out of it.

    I am sick of the little person (Shara?) on the Race. Lying, saying she had to see a doctor, was just nasty. It is one thing to take what people give you because they feel sorry for you but to milk it like that is just wrong. I felt bad for the father/daughter but I was not sorry to see them go.

  4. OK, we need a rule. Nobody gets to mention actual outcomes on reality shows (hints are ok) unless someone says they missed it entirely and need to know the results.

  5. Marvin screwed up, he is a fool to think that Jase and Scott aren't aiming for him next. He should have put one of them on the block.

    We have to talk results. Maybe with SPOILER prefacing until we know everyone has watched it.

  6. I'm sorry. I got carried away. No on here watches these shows so I have no one to talk to. You need to watch your tapes faster.

    You are so right that Marvin screwed up. Hitching his horse to those two guys (the other two horsemen are peripheral) will get him voted out sooner.

  7. Reality TV doesn't do it for me. I am only into Trading Spaces and In a fix. Love you