Tuesday, September 27, 2005

To call or not to call.....

Back history, just after the end of the baseball season, Adam got a phone call at 11pm on a Saturday night. It was a friend of his letting him know that 2 kids were planning to paint ball our house. They had tried to talk his friends brother into doing it as well. He went along with them in order to talk them out of it. I immediately contacted Glendale PD and asked for extra supervision and then sat in my dining room window until 3:30 in the morning. I watched the kids little white car drive by at least 3 times that night. I called his home number and left a message for his parents letting them know what their son was planning on doing. I later found out that he heard the message first and erased it. Approximately 3-4 weeks ago I found egg on my car at 7am. I did not call the police just washed my car, and yelled at Adam to tell his "friends" to back off or I would. I told Adam to let them know if it happened again I would not hesitate in calling the police. This morning I found egg on my car at 7:10 am. After calling Glendale PD I called the High School's Principal and reported it to him. It is my belief that this has something to do with the end of the baseball season with the coach being suspended from the last game. I spoke with Glendale PD and received a report #. He advised me to have the School Resource Officer speak to the boys and let them know they are being implicated. He took down their names and said he may check with the school to find out if they are in school today. The Principal advised me to call the parents of the kids I believe to be involved. Adam has asked me not to. I feel that as a parent I would want to know. Any advice out there?


  1. What a horrible position to be in. As a parent I would want to know, but quite frankly because I would want to know my kids are less likely to do something like that. So I'm guessing these kids don't have parents that would want to know. My advice is to consider your motivations for calling and for not calling. You can't fix somebody else, so if your motive is to assist these kids or their parents chances are you're going to be more frustrated in the end. Consider your relationship with Adam and the example you want to set. He may not understand now, but examples live a long time in the back of the memory.

    As a direct answer, I would report it to the police and then let them do their job. I would not call the parents, if the problems persist I would pressure the police to take action of some sort.

    That's just my two cents (family discount!)

  2. The police won't do anything because there wasnt any permanent damage. If I hadn't cleaned the egg off as soon as I did there would have been but I didn't want to risk it.

  3. I would suggest to take a picture since egg can be damaging. This wasy you can show what happened.

  4. At this point, I would not call the parents. If it happens again, take pictures like Risa said. And, then let the police take it from there. I would only call if I felt my person or children's person is in direct harm. Then it is gloves off. I understand where Adam is coming from. If these are kids with parents that don't care what their kid is doing as long as they aren't bothering them, then it may create more of a problem for Adam. Does Adam know anything about the kids parents? Are they parents like that? Not all parents are great parents like, you, Aunt Erika, and Aunt Gretchen. I hope that this goes away. I really hope that it doesn't escalate.