Monday, January 9, 2006

It's all Sean's fault

SNOOD! Love it or hate it, but I bet you can't stop playing it. Somehow in a conversation with my daughter Sean introduced her to Snood. I came home to this cute little blue ball on my desktop and being the curious sort, I clicked on it. My eyes have been blurry since. GIve it a try. Just do a google search it will find you.


  1. The line they give is "Forget Life -- Play Snood" OMG

  2. I'm so sorry! lol I don't think I've played that game in over two months, so trust me, there will be a time when you WON'T want to play Snood.

    Oh, and I put the Kentucky and Tennessee postcards in the mail yesterday, so look for those soon. I didn't have time to go get special postcard stamps, so I just slapped on old 37-cent stamps; it should more than cover the cost, so I guess the Postal Service will earn some extra money off me.

    Talk to you later, and Snood away!