Monday, May 5, 2008


5/1/08 2:10pm

Adrienne in the MediterraneanWell, Cyprus, we hardly knew ya’. Apparently, it is May Day here in Europe and they take that pretty seriously. Everything is closed. We were on a beach tour so we were OK, but the people on shopping tours were pretty much screwed. The beach was lovely, a little windy and cold, but lovely. A few people tried to venture into the water but no one made it past their waists. Adrienne and I got our feet wet but then we were done. Our tour included a beach chair and umbrella so we were very happy to just sit and read and nap and look out at the beautiful sea.

We thought about taking the shuttle into the city when we got back to the boat but others just coming in confirmed that, truly, nothing was open. So we came back up to our room to shower off the salt and sand that was blown onto us with the force of a power washer at the beach.

Tomorrow we are at sea! A much needed rest from the four ports in four day. I know you all feel really sorry for us.

More pictures here.

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  1. Looks like more rocks than beach. Being sand blasted is not my idea of fun, and apparently, not yours either.