Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Gayle Quinnell

Firstly and most importantly your opinions are your opinions and you are totally entitled to have them and to express them. It is your First Amendment right to do so. But when you abuse that right by spreading vicious untruths then it is time for the American public to step in and correct you.

I am having a hard time containing myself right now so we will address this rationally.

A. If you don't like Senator Obama, that is fine you don't have to like everyone. But he is a US Senator and he does deserve your respect.

B. If you don't want to vote for Sen. Obama for President because he is black, I totally get that. And there is nothing he or anyone can do about that.

C. This is where my anger gets the better of me. If you make up lies about Senator Obama, it puts your candidate in between a rock and a hard place by having to speak nicely about his opponent.

D. Senator Obama is not a Muslim.

E. Senator Obama is not an Arab.

F. Senator Obama is not a terrorist

G. To be a Muslim you must commit to the faith of Islam, Senator Obama has committed to the faith of Christianity. Also, even if he were a Muslim why would that make any difference in his ability to run this country? Do we not have freedom of religion in this country? Are you not allowed to be of whatever faith you choose? While I can choose to not follow any organized religion? Would you rpefer we were in a non-free nation where everyone had to be of one faith? Preferably yours? Sorry, the constitution doesn't work that way. And by the way, your candidate, Senator McCain is a strict Constitutionalist (or so he says).

H. To be an Arab you must be a descendant of someone from Saudi Arabia. Senator Obama's father is from Kenya and his mother from Kansas. Last I checked Kenya was a part of Africa and Kansas not too far from you.

I. This is where you might get a bit confused so let me lay it all out on the line for you.
1. Not all Arabs are terrorist
2. Not all Arabs are Muslim
3. Not all terrorists are Arab
4. Not all terrorists are Muslim
5. Not all Muslims are Arabs
6. Not all Muslims are terrorists

J. Is that clear enough for you?

Any other questions?

Below is the interview after the rally that The Uptake did with Ms. Quinnell following the rally, where she admits to spreading untruths about Senator Obama.


  1. This whole non-truth telling totally gets my goat too! If they want to discuss differences in the policies they each wish to set forth as president that's one thing, but to start making up stupid crap to put fear into people is another.

    Glad you wrote this because I had been thinking the same thing about this.

  2. You know, part of me actually felt badly for McCain, standing there with all of those people and listening to them spout what he knows is nonsense...then feebly trying to set them straight while being booed. But the other part of me thinks that this lynch-mob mentality is his doing and he should take responsibility for it. Palin was picked as a running mate specifically to appeal to this group of people - to secure their votes. She is doing exactly what they wanted her to do. So they created the monster. And they still want the monster's votes. I wonder, sometimes, what McCain thinks about when he is totally far off track things have already gotten....instead of Lieberman he ended up with Palin - who I honestly cannot imagine he thinks much of....and now he's having to hold town hall meetings with ignorant and dangerous people....this is exactly what the Republican party created for themselves when they (Carl Rove) strategized bringing religion into public policy. It worked, initially, but if they keep going we'll end up living in a religious state (well, I don't actually think we really will - I am being dramatic) like Iran.

  3. Amen, sister -- preach to the choir! It gets ridiculous and it's sad that the people we're supposed to be looking up to to run this country are acting in such a way.

  4. My take on this: Mrs Quinnell is a mental midget and cannot put two thoughts together. McCain recognized this and took the mike away from her and tried to get some sanity into the exchange. He did not want her to fear Obama so he told her what he did to calm her fears. Of course, many on the right took it as an endorsement of Obama instead of seeing it as his attempt to put sanity in that exchange. She is an envelope stuffer and not on the policy baord.

  5. Hi, just wandered onto your site & liked your blogs. Just wanted to commend you on your post. If only everyone was more open-minded about things, this world would actually get better.