Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quick Catch Up

Sunday - Arrived in Chicago, picked up Erika from her hotel, hung out in Chicago hit casino on the way to Mishawaka. Went out to dinner with the Zynda family (including Lyle's mom) and hit the hay early.

Monday - Went to work with Erika at IUSB, where she promptly placed me on a HUGE project and a couple of littler projects. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed and quickly accomplished (except the huge one is ongoing). Had a yummy lunch at my favoritest place ever - any guesses? That's right Long John Silvers!

Tuesday - Returned to work with E and had a nice lunch with Mrs. Zynda. Then it was time to hit the road on our way to Michigan. With of course a casino pit stop. A quick stop at Four Winds (Sue you were right, it is by far the best casino in the area!) and then up to Westland to see Gretchen and Gordon.

Wednesday - Sleeping in is always nice, then a yummy breakfast at Leo's Coney Island (really someone needs to open a franchise in LA) and a bunch of errands to run with E. Megan and Robin (not uneventfully but, I'll let G blog about that) arrive in the evening for a fabulous dinner of both spaghetti and pate chinois. Chocolate pie for dessert and off to dreamland.

to be continued..........

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