Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where did I leave you?

Oh yeah, last Sunday I was driving down from the UP back to South Bend. We made it home in time to put Jackson to bed and that was directly where I went as well.

Monday morning, Erika and Jackson took me to Chicago to see the Field Museum. I have read about their many trips here before and asked to tag along. Jackson is a fountain of information when it comes to the dinosaur exhibits. He is 4 years old and was pronouncing names of these beasts without a care in the world. He informed me that he knew them and wasn’t just reading the sign because he “can’t read yet but he is learning”. At one point he was discovering bones that were surreptitiously buried in the play area. When an employee asked J if he could identify the bone, he knew right away that it was a tooth from a T-Rex because T-Rex is a meat eater and it has big teeth, but the plant eaters have little teeth so it couldn’t be one of those. DUH! The employee was sufficiently impressed. A little boy – about 8ish – came over to play and said to no one “I wonder what bone this is?” Jackson answered him. The kid looked at the employee and said “No, really, what is it?” The employee backed J up 100%. Dinner at McD in the basement of the Museum (those smart people). And then back onto snowy icy roads for the 2 hour drive back to Indiana.

Tuesday was a relax at home day for me. I lazed around, did some laundry and shopped for the dinner I was making for the Zynda’s and their friends on Thursday. During all of this, I met Erika and her co-worker Sue (she may be a Cubbies fan but we like her anyways) at the Mainstreet Grille for lunch for the Casino debriefing. While making dinner I also cooked the stew for Thursday so it would have a couple of days to marinate.

Wednesday was back to work with Erika to finish up the project she had assigned to me. Time to put up the Christmas tree! I did nothing but watch as Erika and Jackson did all the work. It is a little wonky but still very cute.

Thursday brings the dinner party. There is not much more that I enjoy than cooking a big meal for a bunch of appreciative people. I made Irish Beef Stew and served it in Bread Bowls along with a side salad. If I can judge by the number of times people went back to serve themselves more, then I would proclaim it quite a success. (the recipe will be tomorrow’s post) Some of the friends of the Zynda family I had met before and some I had just lived in their house for a few weeks. But good times were shared by all and it was a very enjoyable evening.

Friday was back to work this time to screw up Erika’s Holiday cards (LOL). Unfortunately E was without a car most of the day and needed me for that part as well (well not really, but I like to feel needed so let’s just go with that ok?). In the evening I was set to babysit J while Erika and Lyle went to dinner and a movie. As you can see by Erika’s post we made cupcakes (to which J said “What’s a cupcake?”). They were (and still are) a big hit and the pictorial she has shows that if you organize it right baking with kids can be fun.

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