Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We got a couple of bikes from Aunt Mary's estate. With the thought that we would each endeavor to go out bike riding. It has been two years, I don't know about Kathy, but I have yet to ride off into the sunset.

Two things are holding me back.

First, I am afraid of falling off. "It's just like riding a bike" has never been one of my favorite sayings. I am not very stable on my own two feet, why should I be able to balance on two skinny wheels?

Secondly, My behind does not fit too nicely on tiny bike seats. the proportion is almost laughable (stop laughing).

Then I found the prologo saddle from Sage Cycles and I am seriously considering giving it the Girl Scout try.

This one in particular caught my eye "The Scratch Nack is shaped for comfortable round seating". Is that a nice way of saying, "Your fat ass will fit"? I hope so.

Anyone wanna go bike riding with me?


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  1. I hated bike riding until I got my comfy cruiser bike. I can't say that I ride all that often, but when I do, it's the most comfortable I've been on a bike since I was a child. The seat makes a huge difference! I also got a cupholder for my lattes. I still need to break that in. Waiting for spring to finish springing so I can breathe - damn allergies.

  2. The cruiser is what I am looking at. I need to keep up with Jackson now that he is riding. The seat is going to be key. And the shocks.