Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This has not been a good day. Something that was supposed to happen, that someone in a position of making it happen said would happen, didn't happen, mainly because that someone renigged on her word and now I am not only back to square one I think I may have moved into negative numbers.

I have also made the decision I spoke about earlier, more on that another time. On top of all this, today's is Adam's bday and he is refusing to go out for a traditional birthday dinner. Then to top it off, my daughter told me "Fuck you" today. Doesn't that just put the cherry on top of the shit pile?

In an effort to relax, I turn to my computer (it seems to be my closest confidante of late). I found these cool Singing Bowls at Silver Sky. Tradition holds that each Crystal Singing Bowl is manufactured to create a beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. I could sure use some meditation and healing right now. They have many different types of relaxation methods most related to Yoga and such. I have tried Yoga once and it was simply not my cup of tea. Let's just say I had more coming out of me, than I would like to emit in public.

this cool video I found on You Tube shows you the cool sounds, I could start relaxing now.

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