Saturday, May 30, 2009

Senility or Stupidity

We all know Caitlyn thinks I am old, now I am just trying to prove her right.

When I got the email about working this next convention, I immediately put the dates on my Yahoo calendar which automatically updates to my phone and then I went into the kitchen and wrote it on the family calendar on the fridge.

Good right?

A few days ago Marisa IM'd me asking if I was working this weekend or next aqnd I said I think I am working both but let me double check. I looked again at the email and realized I had marked the wrong days on the calendar in the kitchen, I started the assignment on Sunday and should have written Saturday. So I replied to her yes, I am working in Los Angeles this weekend and Las Vegas next. Then I went to the kitchen and corrected what I had thought to write wrong.

This morning I got up (I went out late last night, more on that another time) and got ready for work, reopened the email to find where I was to meet my supervisor and who exactly it would be. WHA? HUH? I had it right the first time, SUNDAY is May 31 not SATURDAY. Even writing it on the stupid calendar I didn't realize that the 31st was Sunday and that I had it right the first time.

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