Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hot Topic (not the store)

Wow, I didnt realize how interested everyone was in Adam's baseball career.  Ok, I found out about Clevland about a week and a hlaf ago.  The city of Glendale is sponsoring a team.  I have not heard back yet about the playing time.  TOnight we fill out information and find out about flight information. 

As for the link, you can only make it a link on a PC.  All this really cool stuff like font and everything is not available on a MAC, which is what I have at work.


  1. well this is completly off the subject....but thanks to you aunt adrienne, all morning i have been singing "battle jimmy battle...B-A-T-T-L-E" yeah it's just gonna be lovely all day. it's stuck in my head. well love you all!

  2. Mel as payback ask Megan where the poop goes, that will get it stuck in her head all day.

  3. no...i don't think i want poop stuck in my head. i rather sing about jimmy!