Friday, July 23, 2004

interview part duex

The interview went well, I think. The position is in the Public Information office at the District. They deal with all news media and city and county officials. When I arrived I was waiting in the foyer when someone rushed out of the Superintendents office needing to retrieve an article from the local paper the Glendale News Press. Well, I happen to read that paper everyday online so I went onto one of the computers and brought up the site and searched for the article and printed it for him within about 3 minutes. So that was a good start. There was 13 questions that I feel I answered well. I should know the outcome by early next week.


  1. I hope that pushes you over the top. Did you add a line to your resume about working on the web? I think big-wigs are interested in this because most of them can't do it, so they don't realize how easy it is.

    Keep us posted. E

  2. Since this is a "transfer" position I dont submit a new resume, so I dont know which one they are using.

  3. That should give you extra points big time. I'm glad it went well.