Saturday, July 24, 2004


Today was a busy day.  I took Mel, Meg and Adam to Universal Studios.  I don't know how much they liked it because the only roller coaster had a 60 minute wait and they chose not to wait that long.  I however had fun seeing all the different shows and going on the tram ride through the back lot.  At one point near the end of the day Adam is playing a basketball game and Megan says to me can I go over to the water?  Sure I reply thinking nothing of it.  Next thing I know Megan is soaking wet from running through the squirting water fountains!  Of course this was right before we were planning to elave, so not wanting her wet jeans on the seat of my car, we buy her a new outfit to put on.  Now, amusement parks don't really sell "outfits" per se but they do sell alot of pajamas and since wearing your pajamas in public is perfectly acceptable in LA thats what she wore. 

The kids opted not to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe at City Walk so we went to BJ's in Burbank and gorged on great food and the most wonderful dessert in the world the pizookie.  I can't find a website for them so I will just have to describe it to you.  It is a fresh baked huge chocolate chip cookie with a pile of ice cream right in the middle!  YUMMY!

Megan turns to Mel as we were leaving and says I don't think I can eat for a week.  Well the week is over she promptly came home and had some pudding. 

Time for bed for me.  Adam has practice with his travelling team tomorrow. 


  1. Wow, practice with his travelling team. How professional does that sound. Go Adam.

    I expected the pizookie to be a chocolate chip pizza or something but their way sounds better. At Sienna Heights we used to walk down to the Main Stop Cafe and get a chocolate covered donut with a scoop of ice cream in the middle Yumm

  2. universal was fun. and dinner was awesome. i really liked it, but i don't know about the big cookie. i'm not so fond of that. it was really big and had a ton of ice cream on it. a little too sweet for me. but everyone else liked it.