Saturday, July 31, 2004

Rain Rain GO Away

The boys were rained out for all games today and will have to play at least 3 tomorrow, weather permitting. I guess Lyle didn't love us enough to put pictures on the blog so he didn't see that Jackson's toes were supposed to be crossed. That's okay cuz I have Megan's crossed for tomorrow. I just explained that as the next youngest it was her duty. And as soon as Erika gets home and fulfills her motherly duties she could uncross them. On a good note the boys did get to go to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. So that was definitely a plus to not playing. Our house is still in Dodger mourning. We have lost 4 of our favorite household players, Paul Lo Duca (Whose first major league game Adam and I attended), Juan Encarnacion (whose autograph Adam just got last week), Dave Roberts and Guillermo Mota. Although we acquired Brad Penny, Hee Sop Choi and Chuck Finley, our team will never be the same.

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