Thursday, July 29, 2004

Safe and Sound

I just got a call from Adam, they've arrived in Cleveland safe and sound.  They are attending (feasting is how he put it) a reception for all atheletes before they go to their dorms.  Kathy sent her digital camera with him, so sometime between now and Tuesday when he gets home, Erika or Gretchen will have to teach me how to post pictures.  If you want to keep track of the games, I think they will be posting scores and info on the website  (Erika it made it a link automatically on the PC) 


  1. We need to make sure Erika knows what time he will be playing so she can cross Jacksons toes.

  2. well i'm glad adam is there safe and sound. did he say how the flight went, and whether or not he got to sleep like he wanted. come on a bunch of teenage boys on the same plane and he wanted to sleep. right!!! so when is his first game, all i can see is when they get to practice? maybe it's cuz i'm not in the right spot.