Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Amazing Big Spouses

Due to a glitch in my ability to not only remember to set up a VCR but to also explain to someone over the phone how to do it, we missed all 3 shows last night. SO be fruitful in your comments so we can enjoy through you.


  1. Spouses - My TV Guide said that this week they would be trading dads but of course they lied. We had the fat family against the thin rich family. Fat wife is being a jerk and got drunk in front of the kids. Thin wife is a lot like last week's blond without being obnoxious. Both husbands just want it over with. We left them at the point of getting ready for the party.

    Big Brother - Diane is too stupid to stay in the house. She really screwed up the stratagy in the veto game and Jase won the veto. Jase is not a gracious winner. Diane and her friends just found the "spy cam" in the hoh room. None of the other hohs had told any of them about it and they are all pissed. Jase took himself off and she put Marvin up but they are all convinced that Scott is going home. All except the 4 horse's A's they think they have convinced everyone to vote Marvin out.

    Amazing Race - they are all in Egypt. The first place couple (Colin & ?) are almost 12 hours ahead of everyone else. The last place Moms were not eliminated but they play with a handicap next week. They will receive no money.

    Comics were all pretty good except the "gag me guy" he still sucks bigtime. But I liked the guy from Detroit and Alonzo best. The girls were really good too.

  2. Mommies - I like this thin, rich Mommy a whole lot better. She has a tough family to work with. The fat Mommy is aweful, it was rude for no one to offer her a chair at the beach but she has been rude to them so they probably didn't think anything about it. I can see the rich dad locking her in a room until the time is over.

    BB - Diane is dumb, one I couldn't believe she didn't figure out to put her coins in Jase, he is such an ugly winner or loser. Two, she should have talked to Marvin and told him that they wanted her to put him up because they want him out, that they promised not to put her up if she did, and that she was going to put him up but they had the votes to get Scott out and that he was safe. This buys her some points with all sides. But she is no where near smart enough to figure it out. I am starting to like Will more and more to win.

    AR - Colin and Kristie (I think that is her name) were so far ahead once they caught the early flight that to take the pass at that point was silly. There plane was 12 hours ahead of everyone else. They may need that later. The mommies not only get no money next week but they took everything they had in their pockets, they are just plain screwed. I don't know that I would have pulled those rocks along knowing that I was in last place anyway. That took determination so they do have that going for them. I am starting to like the smurf a little better, she has way more determination than her cousin. I like the way Chip and Kim pulled together I want them to win. Lance and Marshall are on their last leg (literally).

    LCS - I thought Gary was the best, and then Alonzo and John. I don't like the girls or caveman, although I did laugh a few times at Jay.

    There's my take - but most of all I can't believe I care. I really need a job!

  3. I watched the last half of race last night and was really suprised when the smurf came in second, I had no idea someone else had already gotten there. I was not sure what they were doing to the moms when they were not eliminated. How can you function with no money. The preview showed her trying to sell an apple.

    I just watch BB5 when I was home at lunch and you are right Diane deserves what she gets. It took Will two seconds to figure out the game and put his chips in Jase's pig and if she had been that smart Will would have won and Jase would be gone.

    I really want to catch this mommy one. I will actually have to look at the inside of my TVGuide and not just the articles.

  4. i beg you do not look at the inside of your tv guide, it will cause way too much stress. It is unreadable in its new format, and it lies. The mommies is on fox at 8:00 on Tuesdays.