Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cant think of a catchy title

Diane is a freak! SHe cant decide which side she wants to be on. I think she and her twin may be playing together because she changes her mindset each show! Nicholas Nickleby getting HOH means A and Nat will be up next week. Maybe she will try her 6 finger plan to get one of them for sure. I am voting for cowboy to be on Y and R only because I think he is the ONLY one there without an ulterior motive to be a star. No time to watch the Olympics tonight have to get some sleep sometime. Night!


  1. I voted for Marvin. Poor guy has been up for eviction nearly every time. He deserves a break.

  2. I voted for Marvin too. I think Adria will go up with Drew and the other twin will be the backup if anyone uses the veto. That's how I'd do it.