Thursday, August 12, 2004

The COoking Channel

Let it be known that I will cook Thanksgiving dinner where ever and whenever anyone wants it. Kathy, if you want I can make it the day before I leave and that way you will have leftovers for dinner on Thanksgiving. Although I am certain that if the girls put their minds to it, they can do a wonderful job without killing each other in the process. Mom and I are leaving for a casino bus trip the day after Thanksgiving, so it wouldnt be feasible to go anywhere but if mom will have you, so will I. Or I will just cook for mom and I and send the leftovers elsewhere. Either way I will get to see Jackson and have promised Kathy to home a jar of Jackson Juice. Marisa thinks he will fit in my carry on. Worth a shot!


  1. I love the thought of cooking with Jackson juice. I am using it as hair gel now. The more uses we can come up with the money we can make. Wait, I think it is Low-Carb!! We are going to be rich.

  2. But, can it be 'the offical juice of the olympics'