Monday, August 9, 2004

home again, home again, jiggety jig

We rolled into the house (a wonderfully clean house, thank you Ris) about midnight last night. Just got up watched a little world series action (mom are you watching this year?). Going to Costco and then will post tonight or tomorrow (I have taken the rest of the week off of work to recover from this weekend) with a try at posting pictures.


  1. The rest of the week? It is Monday!! That would be the whole week. Cool. I did not even know it was world series time. Who is in it?

  2. I figured that out at dinner tonight. I mentioned to Lyle the World Series was going on. He only a little surprised that we didn't know anything about it, then I remembered that mom followed the little league thing last year so that must be it.

    Let me know if Adam wins.

  3. I saw some little league world series action going on in the TV Guide but most of it is on channels I don't get. I am seriously thinking of getting the standard basic cable.

  4. Kentucky beat Indiana yesterday. We were happy because Ky has a girl playing first base!