Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Adam, Susan, Michael and I went to see the Dodgers play the Padres night before last. Although the Dodgers lost (a rare event only caused by our being there, I'm sure!), Adam and Michael had a great time because of the autographs they got. Among todays players they also were able to see and get autographs from Ron Cey, Maury Wills and the biggest Dodger of all time Fernando Valenzuela! Adam was so excited he was shaking and we had to purchase a case to put that ball in immediately, no one else was allowed to touch it. Luckily for us (ha!) Dodger stadium has a plethera of balls and cases for sale ($5 and $3 respectively) all over the park.


  1. Fernando Velanzuela sounds familiar, is he still playing baseball. I thought Tommy LaSorda was the biggest Dodger of all time.

  2. Big surprise, I never heard of him. I have sorta heard of Tommy Lasorta (I crack myself up!).

  3. He's only the most famous pitcher the Dodgers ever had--this guy threw no hitter after no hitter (which if you don't know baseball is practically impossible to do and a very big deal). I went to one game in 10 years (many years ago) and he pitched a no hitter at the one game I was at (well after the prime of his career I might add). [Silly me, I was bored stiff. Nothing was happening--strike after strike.] He is retired now, doing sports commentating for the spanish station (very popular in LA). I'm very jazzed for Adam.