Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Think back almost 4 years ago when I broke my wrist. The day I had my cast put on we went to one of Adams baseball games at Sunland park. During the game an altercation occurs between a father on the other team and a friend of mine on our team (female). Yells turn into pushes and shoves turn into punches. There I am in the middle holding my friend Tammy back with my casted arm. Flash forward a year or two and we are now playing down at Tujunga Little League in the canyon, I make friends with a woman named Lori and meet her husband Craig. They look familiar but Adam has been playing ball for 6 years at this point so pretty much everyone I meet looks familiar. A few weeks later Susan points out that Craig is the father Tammy fought with. I bring this up to him and we laugh it off as a funny occurance, kind of a six degrees sort of thing. Craig didnt get along with everyone, he had a drug past and alot of people threw that up when he would umpire, claiming he was high, literally. Good friends of mine had a running in with Craig and wanted me to hold their grudge but I couldnt, he would always greet me "Hi sweetheart" and give me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Lori and I were always on the same page and would look at each other during board meetings and just know what we were each thinking. Last season I resigned from the board for personal reasons and some people held that against me and tried to make me feel bad for keeping my distance, but never Craig I received my same greeting, sometimes even louder in front of others.

Last night I attended Craigs funeral, coming home from Palmdale on his Harley he misjudged a turn on Angeles Crest and hit the wall.

I have learned from Craig that no matter what happens you have to let it go. Holding a grudge does no one any good. Everything needs to be taken as it is and then when its over its over. I guess I have always known this. But seeing everyone there really brought it home.

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  1. That is certainly true. Don't hold your own grudges and certainly don't hold anyone else's for them.