Tuesday, September 7, 2004

tv vs school

School starts tomorrow for Adam, so we will be taping AR from now on and watching it on Wednesday evening. It comes on way too late to watch first hand, and then we can watch it together after work and home work.

High school! I can't start to believe it. I think I am more nervous about it then he is. But I guess if Steph can get married for gosh sakes Adam can start High School. Next thing you know Megan will want to be in Middle School!


  1. I thought Megan was already in Middle SDchool. She told me that her "Middle School" starts with 5th grade.

  2. Considering Middle School starts in the 5th grade here, and Megan always gets what she wants she's been in middle school for quite awhile.

  3. Adam, in high school? OMG! Next thing you know Jackson is going to want to walk.

    I will refrain from talking about ARace until you post about it.

  4. Blogger is finally back up!!

    If we are taking a vote, I will vote no; Adam can't be in high school.

  5. I'm a little backed up on my absentee ballots. I vote yes on everybody being at the stage of their choice. High, Middle, Walking and Married. Anybody else?