Monday, October 25, 2004

busy weekend

The party was a success. At least I think so. Marisa smiled alot and told me she had a good Birthday. Josh did a wonderful BBQ for us and everyone ate and ate and talked and talked. The cake was good, the presents were fun, and everyone went home by 10.

Saturday, we found out that a dad on Adam's team passed away earlier in the week. 47 years old and no signs of anything he just dropped down and died.

Then later that night one of his team mates had a ball take a nasty hop and got hit in the nose. Broken in 3 places! I didn't realize a nose bone could be long enough to be broken in 3 different places.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful but watching the World Series is definately keeping me occupied! GO BO SOX!

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  1. I assume they won again last night? I did not stay up until the bitter end. I am sure it is nice being up 3-0 but as they proved in the other series that doesn't mean anything is over.