Sunday, November 21, 2004

I made it!

My flights were both went smoothly. My secfond leg from Arizona to Detroit was the most beautiful flight I have ever been on. Above the clouds the whole way. Wonderous white fluffy clouds.

I arrived about 25 minutes early and caught mom off gaurd when I called to say we were taxiing in to the gate. It was a bit cool and misty/rainy, but it didn't matter I was home.

Gretchen met us back at the house and Erika and Jackson arrived a short time later. He was a little apprehensive of me at first but warmed up when he saw I was willing to crawl around on the floor, up the stairs and could fly him through the air higher up then the short people he is used to. He really is as cute in person as he is on the internet. And the camera certainly doesn't add ten pounds to him. Those cheeks are for real!

Saturday was a family reunion kind of day. In the morning I went with Erika to see Grandma Zynda and Lyle's Uncle David. It was so nice to see their faces light up when Jackson came in the room, they showered him with gifts and love and he swallowed it all up. Later at dinner is where I got to meet our newest family member Arn. Steph did good, not only is he a nice guy but he was reaslly good later when we played Catch Phrase. Dana and Jeff came and so did Aunt Rita. Mom's cousin Jeanette came and we realized we hadn't seen each other in about 20 years. I think it was my High School Graduation party. After dinner (Long John Silver for me, pizza for everyone else), Erika's friend Anna came and again someone I haven't seen probably since Erika's wedding (she was the Maid of Honor), and that was 20 years ago this year.

Today, Erika took her baby home and Mom and I ran a bunch of errands (even more than wer planned) and have arrived at West Branch. A nive leisurly dinner at Ponderosa (Ponderosa steak house! LOL!) and a quick visit to Walmart for a new vest pattern and here I am. Tomorrow we head off to my first casino stop and then back here on Wednesday for the arrival of Jackson and Erika and dinner on Thursday.

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