Tuesday, November 9, 2004

One Week Mark

I didnt want to take a chance and go a week without posting. Some readers get cranky when you do that. Happenings around my house have been plentiful, not all of a happy nature. I am getting ready to go on my fabulous vacation. I have everything organized at work and should come back to minimal to fix. The person that is subbing for me was the school secretary at Jefferson when Marisa was in elementary. So I am very confident that my teachers will be in good hands.

Marisa and Josh are going to Phillidelphia to spend Thanksgiving with his family. This is a big step in their relationship, I just hope it is in the right direction for them. Maybe they will realize it's not all peaches and cream to spend 24/7 with the same person all the time.

Adam is almost done with Fall Ball. His team has 14 boys and they are starting (now that the end is near) to come together as a team. He is also playing ball at school and has been doing very well. He has a 5th period baseball class (instead of P.E.) and has practices every other day until 5ish. On a sour note he has also developed something called Little League Elbow (we think) the closest Dr.'s appointment I could get is 23rd of this month, when I will be in Mi. but Kathy has agreed to take him. LL Elbow is a form of Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow. Found in kids who have over extended the ligaments and tendons in their elbows. Adam has always had a "good arm". He is perfect in Centerfield becuase he can make the throw to home without a cut off or a bounce. He also makes a great catcher (when his achilles tendon isn't hurting) because he can make the pick off throw to 2nd base. But now with this problem, it is possible he may have to take some time off. I know this will absolutely kill him. He swears he can learn to throw just as well with his left arm. I don't know how I can force him to take a break when he is finally where he wanted to be - High School Ball. But if I don't he may never make it to his next goal college baseball. He has talked about UCLA and USC baseball even Notre Dame once or twice (God knows his grades need to improve). I know I HAVE to but that doesn't mean it will be easy.

Needless to say, there is never a boring moment in our house.


  1. Well, I am glad you did not let a week go by; Mel has passed a month now but I keep looking.

    I assume "Fall Ball" is baseball in the fall. I'm quick like that. Poor kid. Does the elbow hurt and he still won't stop?

  2. Yes Fall ball is what you think as opposed to Spring Ball. He's hurting, thankfully yesterdays practice was all running so he says it didn't hurt hardly at all last night.

  3. yeah i have passed a month. i have tried countless time to post but they keep going to a different blog spot. i have to blog pages...one i did in the very beginning and then i started another one for you guys. well it's not letting me post. i have tried over and over again. all is well with me though...my day consites of work and then time with the boyfriend and my friends. nothing to exciting. i am hardly home and on the weekends i am never home...i usually stay at jamie's or lucia's. we all just kinda hang out.

  4. Hey you, the one week mark has come and gone. We except this in the children because, well they may be 18 but they are still children. Just because you are going on vacation doesn't mean you can neglect us this way.