Saturday, April 23, 2005


Our school has just finished 27 months of construction and we had our big Measure K (the bond measure that has paid for all modernization in the district) dedication ceremony last Thursday. Which also happened to be John Muirs birthday. It was quite a hoopla that took over a month to plan. So now I am at work on a Saturday finishing up 3 hours worth of time catching up on everything that hasn't gotten done during that time.

Nothing too exciting happening here.

Marisa is feeling better, she has cute bracelets that help with the morning , afternoon, evening sickness. I am planning on getting some for the cruise just in case. Her next appointment is in mid-May.

Adam is doing well at baseball and a tad better at school. He and I are planning a trip to San Francisco this summer to go to see the Giants play. He wants to go to a Dodger/Giant game but I am literally afraid to do that. They are such arch rivals there have been shootings and fights and all kinds of not fun things both in LA and SF. We would probably take a train so the Brunsons woud come too. If anyone else wants to come let me know all are invited.

I can't believe Adam is going to be 15 soon! He and Michael are talking about Driver's Ed already. A couple of their old baseball buddies already drive and it just freaks me out! It has taken me this long with marisa to have her liscense to not think more than twice about tossing her the keys to do something.

I put in my letter to Human Resources saying I want to remain at 12 month status. I just found out that one of the secretary's at another school(year round) is retiring. I am in a quandry about accepting that job since they are just beginning construction, the principal is actually (if you can believe it) worse than the one I have now and the moral at the school is really poor. And on top of that 2 of her 3 clerks are retiring as well! So I told Hilma and Jackie (my clerical staff) that I would take it if they would come with me, then we could turn the whole school around. If I turn the job down I am automatically reduced to 10.5 months, because you only get one offer. But I could put in transfer papers later to increase me back to 12 months and interview at different places. I am 85% going to stay here during the summer (If I turn down the other job) since Muir is having sumemr school, but there is that 15% that could put me out for somone who is still 12 months and needs to be placed. Either way I am paring down my personal items in my office and on my computer. I have deleted anything that I have used in over 1 year (just like your closet) and that cleared up 600 MB of space. Sorry Erika all of Jackson's pictures are gone, but I am sure you have them backed up.

Oh well, what will be will be.

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  1. Hey, this did not show up in My Yahoo. I wonder if it take a little while.

    This is quite a quandry. I have no solution for you, but I trust that you will make what ever choice to make work for you. I like the idea of taking the clerks with you, that would be really fun and challenging. Challenging is good for us Amazon Women. Having to say "whatever" is not.