Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Where do I start?

If Marisa is happy I am happy. As Gretchen and Erika said there is no doubt in this world that she has the utmost support from all corners and outreaches of this family, especially me. I can't say I am estatic about the news, of course I would rather she continued in school, got a degree and had a career and a happy marriage first, but this is her life (as she continually reminds me) not mine and not everybody can be Erika!

Someone told me yesterday that I set a good example, becuase as a teenage mother I am doing well now. PAH! I am still a single parent with no financial support from the other parents. I am still living with my sister because I can't afford to live in an area that has good schools for my kids. I never went back to school as I vowed to myself over and over to do. I am still struggling paycheck to two days before paycheck to make ends meet. With credit cards and juggling the checking account we get by. Not to mention the hard knocks it took to get this far. So, just because I am where I pretend to be does not mean everything is hunky dory.

On a drearier note, I could be losing the best job I've ever had in just a couple of months. My school, due to declining enrollment, will be going from Year Round Education to Traditional calender. What that means is I will have summers off if I choose to stay at Muir. Which means I will lose 6-8 weeks of pay. I could accept the next 12 month position they offer me. Which could be anywhere, if I don't take the first one they offer I am automatically cut to 10 1/2 months. THe worst part is the spot that they offer you - the people there don't even get to interview you they are stuck with you as well. So it is hard on everyone all around. Summers off sound nice in theory but not getting paid for that time (or being able to get unemployment) sucks! And it is hardly conceivable to get another job for close to the same pay for those 6-8 weeks, and then say bye! see ya next summer!

But to keep my spirits up and to keep my sanity, I am still going with mom in January to the Carribean. I have the book and am looking at the side trips, and looking at the quiet deck near the pool, and realizing that I need to relax and enjoy myself too.

Adam and I have a 12-pack of tickets for the Dodgers this year. Hopefully as the season goes on they will get better. They made a lot of (in my mind uneccessary) changes to the stadium and to the team. But as true BLUE Dodger fans we have faith in our team.

Adam is playing ball for Hoover High School. He is on the JV team and for the first time in his baseball "career" he is pitching. And doing well at it too. He has pitched in a mojrity of the games. He is not up to starter status yet but with practice (5 hours a day with Daylights Savings Time) and dedication I think he will make it. Now if he would dedicate and practice his Spanish that would be a wonderful thing!

Kathy fought a good HONEST fight with the election. Which is more than can be said for some of the other candidates, including the guy who won. I think he had a hand in registrations and absentees that were not correct. But that is neither her nor there anymore. I think in 2 years he will run for City Council and they will appoint someone to the Clerk position. So Kathy needs to keep her face and name in those circles.

A dear friend of ours, Joylene Wagner, won her bid for a seat on the School Board and as an employee and a parent that makes me very happy.

Sorry it took so long to post but there have been alot of things happening and not much time to reflect and process all of the thoughts for them all.

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  1. So many blogs, so much work!! I am glad you are OK with all of this. I understand that you can be jumping for joy, but being able to be happy that Ris is happy is a reasonable compromise.

    I am so sorry about your job. I hope it all works out and you get offered someplace that you like.