Saturday, June 25, 2005

baby time

It is getting more real for me. Going with Marisa for her ultrasound was amazing. I honestly don't remember much from the ultrasound when they were babies. I remember being uncomfortable from drinking so much water, but I certainly don't think there was 1/10 of the technology there is now. Marisa didn't have to drink ANYTHING! A nice technician (who reminded me of mom and that made me feel really comfortable), squirted the goo, which was kept in a bottle warmer so it was not unbearably cold when squirted. And then whamo there were identifiable images on the screen. It was easy to pick out the spinal cord but the rest she had to identify. When she said "see that black hole, that's the stomach", I immediately assumed it would be a boy. Don't all little boys have black holes for stomachs? Then she pointed out the kidnies and we saw the heart beating. Marisa didnt get to see alot of it because she was laying down. The tech measured the circumfrance (sic) of the stomach, the head, the spine length. When she finished all her technical stuff she turned the screen so Ris could watch. then we started exploring and she pointed out the eye sockets on the head, Marisa commented that it looked like it would be perfect for Halloween cuz all it is is a skeleton. Then we moved to the lower half and the knees were tight together and the ankles were crossed. Ris didn't care for my comment that we wouldn't have been there if she had done that herself. But I digress, the tech pointed out the white lines that were the shin bones and the toe bones. That was really cool to see. She kinda wiggled the scanner thingy around and suddenly the baby rolled righ over and stretched her legs. It was the coolest thing to see. Since there wasn't any "not a leg" she concluded it was a girl. Tonight we went out to eat with Sue and Michael and as with all dinners out it must end in shopping, so we walked around Walmart and Steinmart looking at cute little girl stuff. Marisa is very much into pooh. She prefers classic pooh. I am already having people ask about a shower. I can't start planning that yet. It is way too early. Probably around Marisa's bday.

TIme for bed. We are probaly going to the ocean tomorrow.


  1. Darn, I got rid of a bunch of Pooh stuff as soon as it hit the house. I still have a pair of Pooh pants. We like to play the games called "Poo pants on your head." I will teach it to you next time you are here.

    I am glad you got to do the ultrasound with Ris. It is really cool.

  2. Thank you to Risa for figuring out my ticker. I love it!