Sunday, June 12, 2005


Things happen everyday but are they worth blogging about? No one is as interested in the life of a 37 year old single mom like they are an adorable 18 month old. Not even the aforementioned mom.

Things at work are plodding along. I am counting down the days and apparently so is my principal. They are interviewing for my position on Tuesday and I was informed I wouldn't be involved in the process. I did a little research on the three people they are interviewing and boy do I feel sorry for both sides. Not really!

Adam had xrays recently to try to explain the pain in his ankles and the swelling of his knee. The doctor thinks it is a further degeneration of his achilles tendon for his ankles. And water on the knee. We should be going back in a week or so.

Marisa is working at the daycare almost fulltime now. I think this is a great opportunity for her. Before her fingerprints cleared, Martha (the owner), had her coming in the evenings after the children were gone and doing paperwork. A Van Houten special, organizing someone else's paperwork. Maybe she will blog a little about it. Hint Hint!

Kathy is as skinny as ever and I must admit I am a little jealous. I get completely winded walking from the car to our seats at Dodger stadium and although I know those garlic fries are the exact opposite of what I should eat I just have no willpower against them.

That's about it from me.

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  1. X-rays for one of your children is worth bloggin about, especially since we can't count on him to do it. Also, when did Marisa start working at a daycare? I didn't see that in any blog. It sounds great. Even if your life is not exciting (and I doubt that) you need to fill us in on the un-blogging children.