Thursday, July 7, 2005

Making a mountain into a molehill

The pile of stuff (think George Carlin) at my new office is slowly receding. The previous was in today and made quite a bit of progress. However she thinks it may take until next week (!) to get it all done. Not that any of it is actually leaving the office it is just being piled up in other spaces of the office because she ahs no room at home right now. There is a HUGE stack of "stuff" sitting in front of cabinets I need to get to. ANd another even huger pile in the Principal's office. Breathe in breathe out! Except it smells like an old folks home whenever I open a drawer or cabinet!

On a lighter note, BB6 started today. Because I have nothing else to do with my life but be voyueristic into other peoples lives. One of the commercials was an ad for AR8 looking for teams. Anyone? The new BB house is cool, the HOH room is outstanding with it's own bathroom and all. ALready some people stick our to me. I like Kaysar and don't like Eric. We have been trying to figure out the "partners". Anyone have a guess? ANyone else watching? The next episode is Tuesday at 8 or 9. Erika feel free to enter links anywhere you like on here.


  1. Think of all the people that read your blog. Even pairing up with Adam on AR would still leave you out in the first leg. And pairing up with any of the rest of our generation or above--forget about it. I enjoy watching it, but I wouldn't do it for anything in the world.

  2. I think you should pair with Melody, she'll eat anything. Or with Marisa. They've never had a preggo before.

    I missed the first half of BB6 because my stupid tape machine was set for Thursday July 6th. When I realized it wasn't taping I went in to check the program and when I changed the 6 to 7 it remained on Thursday. Then it taped the rest of the show.

    For all the profession of non-predjudice, I think Kaysar will be quick to go. We had a weather warning running across the bottom of the screen during much of the whispered dialog so missed some of that.

  3. haha i won't eat anything. mike keeps getting me to try new things and i'm so stubborn. although i have tried...octopus, a little bit of sushi, and something else I am not sure of the name (got it at the sushi place)