Saturday, August 13, 2005

Still There

I know it is hard to believe but the former still has stuff in my way! I have been way more patient than I ever thought I could be but believe me it is waring very thin. This week I took the initiative and packed up her personal pictures. I'm sorry but I am tired of looking at HER grandchildren. I would like to look at pictures of my own family members, thank you very much! She wasn't too happy about that and told others so. Sorry! NOT!

Marisa has been coming to work with me alot since Hilma is on vacation this entire month and the sloth is subbing for her. This school insists on using this one sub only. She is a sloth whos pants don't fit and at any given moment you will get a moon or the full monty! It is disgusting. She also has limited computer knowledge. I wanted to bring in a sub for Hilma that had done her job many times before, would need no training and would be ready to go on day one. But no...we had to use Margie who knows nothing and has to be reassured constantly that she is doing a good job. But she isn't!!

Adam is camping this weekend with some friends from baseball. I am debating whether or not to clean his room while he is gone. Any suggestions?

Big Brother is getting more interesting. Thank goodness Kaysar is back. I couldn't have handled it with Eric back, I may have had to stop watching.

I realized I am pretty pathetic. I only watch "reality" tv. No dramas, no sitcoms. If it isn't an actual reality show, it is sports or news which is in effect reality tv as well. They better bring back American Dreams I think that is the only scripted show I could start watching again. Sorry to anyone in the writer's guild!


  1. I was thinking this morning about Jennifers back-stab after swearing on her life (at least as binding as a pinkie swear).

    I couldn't believe she didn't nominate from her own team; and it made me start to understand the fundamentalist muslim terrorist mindset. For someone to treat so frivolously a thing that you take very seriously must be pretty disconcerting.

  2. Sorry about the sloth, I have worked with many and I know how hard that can be.

    I love that Kaysar got 82% of the vote!! I get the feeling that Jennifer does not understand the "back door" method since she said "we will try very hard to win the veto." If you have six people all going for the same objective it shouldn't be about "trying."