Friday, September 23, 2005

Just about ready

I took today off to get things ready for the shower and I think I am almost there. After a trip to Michaels, Costco, 99cent store and Ralph's, I have a ham, a turkey breast, some meatballs and chicken wings, potato salad, regular salad and I'm going to make the baked beans. Then with a veggie tray and cheese and crackers that should suffice about 50 people. I still need to clean the house cuz some people said they wanted to come over and see the baby's room. I don't like calling it a nursery because it is Marisa's room still. But she has the crib set up and some sheets and blankets home made from Sheilah at Muir. All of course with Pooh on them. So that means tomorrow is cooking and cleaning day. I hope to get everything done pretty early in the evening because I have sneak preview tickets for "In Her Shoes" tomorrow night. I loved the book, just hope the movie is as good. We also need to go to the party store for the decorations. I am borrowing the helium tank from the Muir PTA and getting balloons from the balloon place this evening. Details, details, details. Damn I still need to get drinks, all I have is water. I probably won't blog between now and then. SO wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. I am so jealous. I have to wait until October to see that movie.

    Have a great time at the shower. The menu sounds perfect, with just the right amount of yucky food for other people.