Thursday, September 15, 2005

Long time no blog

I didn't realize how long it has been since I blogged.

Since my last update, we still don't have a new Principal, although the PA has stepped up very nicely and is doing well.

Marisa and I are getting things ready for the shower. We sent out ~95 invitations and have 45 positive RSVP's so far. We asked for responses before 9/10 but that doesn't mean anything anymore. It started out innocently enough. We were going to hold one shower for her friends and one for mine. But then we realized why do everything twice. So we added the lists together and then added Kathy's and voila we ended at about 90 something. When we were about 50ish I thought no big deal half will come we can accomodate them in the house. We've done it before. But then as the lists were growing and growing and the rsvps were coming in, Kathy had the inginuity to book the Boy Scout House. Since it is right across the street we don't even have to send out changes. We have also put Kathy in charge of games. She has come up with many ideas and mom has emailed me some stuff as well. So Ris and I have been shopping our hearts out at Big Lots and Target. Did you know that Target has a "Clearance Circuit"? If you walk around the back perimeter you hit the back endcaps where they keep all the clearance stuff. It's the first thing I do now whenever we go to Target. We got a bunch of great stuff and for less than $1 each! Quite a few people will be bringing their kids which range from 18 months to 11 years, so we got each of them a little gift type prize. I am planning on a menu to match the campaign party, although I don't know what I will do without mom here to help me. Pinwheels, meatballs and weinies and Erika is sending me a baked bean recipe. we should be all set. I just have to arrange for decorations and then get started on the actual cooking and freezing.

Adam started school last week. He came home on the first day and said "I like all my teachers except one". Although I think that's a pretty good start, I don't see how you can determine if you like someone in 1 hours time! He is not taking baseball this year. For Fall he is in a regular PE class and for Spring he will try out for the Golf team. He and Michael have been playing quite a bit lately. As a matter of fact, Adam and Taj are at the Driving Range as I type.

Marisa is adorable. Her belly is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day. I have yet to feel the baby kick, but I will keep trying!


  1. Buy a big disposable tin pan with handles. One big can (grandma mentioned 5 lbs.) of Bush's original baked beans. Pour that in the pan. In a separate bowl mix one half cup brown sugar with one half cup BBQ sauce. Once it is dissolved, mix it into the beans. Lay strips of bacon across the whole top and bake until the bacon is crisp.

    We haven't tried it yet so let us know how it works.

  2. Nice to know that my guests get to be the guinea'm sure it will turn out great and if I liked beans i'm sure I would like it too.

  3. I don't think the appetizer/campaign party food is the way to go. Much easier, get a couple of whole boneless hams, have them sliced at the store and then restore the football shape in a roasting pan(two should fit side by side in a big disposable). Mix 1/4 cup of brown sugar with the juice from a can of pineapple chunks. Put the chunks on the ham with toothpicks and pour the mixture over them and bake till the pineapples look a little brown. 350 degrees, same as for the beans.

  4. I've had beans like that, only instead of barbecue sauce Gordon put's in mustard while I close my eyes and plug my ears. I wish I could be there.