Sunday, October 9, 2005

Look at the ticker!

No, I didn't call. I do know that the Varsity coach spoke with both boys. I think for now that will have to suffice. If however, it happens again I will not only call but probably show up on their doorstep.

In other news, tonight is the concert for Susan and I. Journey at the Greek. Think Pine Knob without the hill. We'll do dinner first and then be off just the two of us.

Not much else happening. Marisa is getting her room together trying to organize everything she received. We went out and bought a stroller yesterday. The one we both liked was at Target (good thing since that was where all her giftcards were), however none of our local Targets had it in stock. We ended up driving out to Northridge and going to first the wrong Target and then a brand new one that had just opened that week. Why would you put to Targets on the same street? Within 5 miles of each other. I started to make a stink at the first thinking they had told us they would put it on hold for us and then it wasn't there when we got there. But the manager was smart enough to ask what phone number we called. I apologized and thanked him nicely.

Marisa and I have been on a Gilmore Girl watching spree. Last month we watched Season 1 from Blockbuster online. Season 2 disc 1 (there are six discs per season) has been on "long wait" forever so it showed up on sale at, our favorite store, Target for only $20.00 for the entire season. Melody has also been wanting to watch so she ended up buying both seasons (thanks Mel). Within 1 week we watched the entire season - 22 episodes. It is such a great show. Very witty dialouge. Marisa and Mel watch the new episodes, but I want to catch up first.

Reality check -
Sunday - Breaking Bonaduce - I listen to Star 98.7 morning show which used to be the Jaime and Danny show but since Danny was fired it is even better. The reality show is so sad.

Monday - The funniest non-reality show, why didn't anyone tell me about this show before? Two and a Half Men! They are hilarious, the little kid can be a bit much sometimes but the guys are too funny!

Tuesday - Big Fat Loser - So glad Nick from Glendale has been booted, he was an ass. I like Jeff and the girl that looks like pictures of mom from the sixties with the hornrimmed glasses! Amazing Race - I like it in the US. I still am rooting for the dad and sons-in-law, and the Godelewski sisters.

Wednesday - Both of my shows on at the same time! Martha - How can you not watch?! James has got to go soon! America's Next Top Model - Never watched it beofre, but I like Tyra's new talk show, so I thought I would give it a try. I like the androgynous girl the most.

Thursday - DUH! Survivor - I love having Steph back she was my favorite last season. I think the quarterback will be completely outed soon. I hate that they separated the two of them. Trump - Not as exciting this year. No big stand out players.

Friday and Saturday - Not a damn thing on!

Now that I have thoroughly bored you. I will sign off. BTW I am getting excited!


  1. You need to tell us when you are going to be going to a concert so that we can be excited too.

    I saw the Bonaduce thing once and it was very scary; that man needs a reality check.

    I like Two and a Half Men, but the rest on Monday night sucked. I just got to watch the whole line up when I was in Indy all alone in a hotel room, and it sucked.

    Friday, I tape the Nanny show. Although, I have noticed that they all boil down to "spend time with your kids" don't just yell at them, get down on the floor and play with them. So far, I am OK, but I keep getting older and Jackson keeps getting heavier.

    I have just been catching up on The Surreal Life while Jackson naps and I can't believe that Janice was ever on any other show and sane. The woman is falling down drunk all the time and makes Omarosa seem rational.

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  3. Hey mom, howe come you removed your comment?

    Good thing I didn't get anyone too excited...the concert was pretty bad. It is a new lead singer and they have a new album out that is really bad. They were giving the cd out free that's how bad it is.

    The drunk kids in front of us were more entertainment than the music. I saw something I have never seen before. A neck piercing! EEWW! In the back of a girl's neck. It was the absolute grossest thing I have ever seen!

  4. Ok as for the neck piercing...I have seen that and I like it very much. If I didn't have the job I have I would probably get it done!

  5. I removed my comment because I was typing it on the fly - so to speak and was doing a poor job of it. I was listing all the things I taped and was inserting and deleting and I realized it was time to leave and I published it and when I was re-reading it it was terrible so I just deleted it and decided I would do it later when I had more time.

    Now I have decided that its not important what I tape. My favorite scripted shows are West Wing, Commander in Chief, Boston Legal and Veronica Mars.

  6. Scripted shows? They still have those? I thought I was set up to tape West Wing, but it hasn't shown up yet on my tape, so I guess I didn't.

    OK as for the neck piercing... eewwwww. Mel, I am so glad you have the job you do, I can't imagine a job where such a thing would be allowed. Except clerk at Tower Records; I think piercing was required there.

  7. Just imagine having a neck piercing and brushing your hair!