Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Oldest Post in the Whole World!

That's what mom informed me today. I know, I'm sorry. I post in my head, but never seem to get them through my fingertips and onto the keyboard.

Knee update: Adam now has a brace that looks simple but is quite complex to put on everyday. I am still not very good at pictures but here is the website: As the technician was measuring Adam, he had the coolest looking protractor thing that went around Adam leg and then had parts swinging around and was very sci fi. When all the measuring was done, the tech pulled out a “paint chip” pamphlet and asked Adam what color he wanted, there must have been about 80 choices. Adam of course chose basic black. He went for an MRI last week and we go back to the Orthopedic tomorrow.

Baby update: Marisa blogged about her false alarm. I look at it as a trial run. Now she has her bag packed, and is coming to work with me everyday. She pretty much just sits there but at least she is close.

We had some excitement yesterday; there was a homicide in the house behind us. We don’t know any details and they haven’t caught anyone as far as we know.

Not much else happening around here. Hence the reason for not much blogging.



    What shade of black?

  2. As black as you can get.

  3. The tech actually asked him if he wanted flat or metallic. I couldn't help but say he wasn't buying a car!