Thursday, December 15, 2005


I too felt the same way about Capital Punishment throughout high school. I think the turning point was when I had children and someone said if that was your child that was the victim, would you not want the person to die for it?

I don't believe that all cases of murder deserve the death penalty, but extenuating circumstances should and are taken into account.

As for Tookie, the crimes he was convicted of were heinous. They were enough to extenuate those circumstances. It doesnt take into account the thousands if not millions of people who have died at the hands of Crip members, the gang he so proudly started. He has never apologized nor asked forgiveness of the victims families. He claims innocence and redemption at the same time. How can you be redeemed from something you did not do?

I started this as a comment on Mel's blog and realized how long it was.


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  2. I take a complete different tack on this one. Rather than thinking about if it was my child killed wouldn't I want the person responsible to die (no I wouldn't; what would that accomplish), but I think that it could be Karl that was the responsible one. Would I want Karl to die? No. While watching the movie "Dead Man Walking" all I could think about was how much the character Sean Penn played reminded me of Karl. It was a very hard movie to watch.

  3. The comment removed by the author was removed because the author was posing as me and while Erika and I are almost the same person, we disagree here.

    I am pro capical punishment. Not for everyone. The man who kills his wife is not likely to kill me. But a gang mamber could kill me with no qualms or by mistake.

    What I resent is the 25 years he had to "redeem" himself. None of his victims had that chance.

  4. I also look at it as "what if it was my family committing the crime". How would you feel if say Marisa went crazy and went out and killed a person and then was senteced to the death penalty? would you want her to die?

    yes because of the crips millions of people have died. But is there any rule that says you have to become a member? or do people join this on free will?