Sunday, May 7, 2006

Say cheese!

I still haven't mastered posting pictures to the blog yet, but I have set up a flickr account and have the pictures on the sidebar. If anyone knows how to make them higher up in the sidebar I will gladly give away my password to make it happen.

The pictures are from Marisa's friend Alicia's wedding on Saturday. Maris was a bridesmaid and Caitlyn was just cute. As the ceremony is going on in a small chapel in Burbank, Cait has finished her bottle and just as the pastor pauses to begin the vows she lets out what she does best. A huge burp that has the whole bridal party giggling. At the reception she did quite a bit of dancing with Melody, the chicken dance, YMCA and some slow dances as well.


  1. Why don't you invite me to be a member with full privileges on your account and I will fix the photo thing. Or send me an email with your password.

  2. OK, she is right up on top. Now give me access to your Flickr so we can turn her right side up.

    Oh, and where are you all in these fancy pictures.

  3. Keep her dancing, Jackson is going to need a partner to turn pro.