Monday, August 7, 2006

Easy go Easy come

Since I have been home for almost a month now, I have put back on half of what I lost, of course I stopped going to the gym and am eating at every available moment, so that may have something to do with it.

Back to the drawing board.

By now you have all seen how gorgeous Caitlyn is in her new pictures. She really is that adorable, maybe even more so, in person. She has quite a relationship with the dog. She is allowed to pet and pull on the fur as long as one of us is holding her, but when they are alone on the floor together, Link gets up and goes to another room. She is crawling very well and pretty quickly, she also pulls herself up on anything and everything and has begun "cruising" along the tabletop and couch. If there is anything good to come from all the bad lately it's all the quality time I have beeen spending with Cait.

As you all know, Adam's surgery was postponed due to an ingrown toenail. The Orthopedic removed the toenail and put him on antibiotics for two weeks, and as of right now we are a go for this Friday, the 11th. We have a pre-op appointment today, bloodwork tomorrow and then no eating after midnight Thurs/Fri. Surgery is for 7:30 am. They are not going to remove the bone after all they are going to open it and implant the plates and screw them into the bone. EEwww. He will be in the hospital all weekend. He will have my laptop and his cell phone. We are hoping for a release of Monday, maybe Tuesday depending on the amount of swelling. Then back to the doctor on the following Friday for the cast to be put on. That will stay on for about 6-8 weeks, right intot he beginning of the school year.

I have decided not to look for a full time job right now, based on the fact that I need the benefits of what I have for the time being. I am however going to go out after Adam is home and settled and get a part time evening, weekend job to try and break up the monotony of being home all the time. Although I assume having an invalid at home will help with some of that monotony.

Is anyone watching:
Treasure Hunters
Project Runway

The Dodgers have won 9 in a row and that makes all things good.


  1. They still aren't as good as the Tigers.

    I am glad that Adam's surgery is a go. All of our fingers and a few blueberry toes will be crossed for him.

    I think a part-time job is a great idea. Get a little extra cash without too much hassle. Maybe at the gym so going will not seem such a chore.

    I am also glad you are getting Caitlyn time. Cruising the table tops is so much fun.

    BB7 is about the only thing I watch these days. I am very sorry that Janelle is going to have to go this week, but she brought it on herself. When do they start with the jury house?

  2. I watch them all.
    BB7 I am so over Janelle and will be glad to see her go.
    TH I am rooting for the Genius team all that IQ has to be worth something.
    RW I can't believe Angela won the last challenge, she is such a flake. Nobody has emerged as someone I like yet.

  3. OK, Janelle winning the POV made me very sad. I hate to see Kaysar go. I hope they get rid of James.

    I am loving the Will and Boogie show in the diary room.