Monday, November 6, 2006


Caitlyn had a rough night and in return so did Ris and I. The projectile vomiting started at around 3:30 and was bad enough that Ris required a shower. Cait sat with me in my bed and I flipped channels to find something kiddo friendly. I remembered Erika mentioning Noggin and I knew I had it somewhere amongst the 400 channels. I found it and she was immediately transfixed. Cute little Miffy the bunny and her friend Boris the bear. Then for a "commercial" an animal I didn't recognize and a cute blue bird named Z sang Cait's favorite new song....A, B, C's! Well, she was delighted. Thankfully they sang it more than once so she was only minorly upset when they were done. Ris fell asleep in my bed about 4:30 and Cait on my shoulder shortly thereafter, with only a small spew in between. Up at 7 to get ready for work (Ris) and Daycare (Cait), and another spew to decide that neither was happening. We leave for the Doctor shortly.


  1. Poor babies! I know how that feels. Jackson has only thrown up a few times so far, but it is the absolute worst.

  2. When Alex was vomiting like a maniac at about 6 months, Pedialyte was our savior. It was the only way to keep him hydrated! Hope everything went well at the doctor's appointment.