Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Job Search

I am anticipating being in the world of unemployment within the next few weeks and have started actively job hunting. Of course the activity is mainly online, monster.com, Yahoo jobs, and various studio web sites. I would like to get into the entertainment industry ideally, and preferably one close to home. Disney just built a huge new office building at the end of our street and is now announcing a huge layoff. Go figure. The Dreamworks studio on our street was recently sold to Paramount with the understanding that no Dreamworks employees be laid off. So I doubt they would be hiring. We also have Nickelodeon (which is owned by MTV) and Cartoon Network close but not in walking distance. Our ABC affiliate is close by but only has openings at this time for Production Assistant, somehow I don't think being a gopher will support my family. So the search continues. If you hear of anything, stick my name in somewhere.


  1. Get over to Dreamworks and put in an application. There are many reasons that companies may want new blood after taking over. Besides, some of the old employees will leave on their own as they will not like the new system or their changes. Don't give up, be persistant.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

    If you're looking for a studio job, you may want to check out ifcome.com. And if you know someone at a studio (or know someone who knows someone...) it can't hurt to work that connection. Your chances are better if someone at the studio submits your resume on your behalf, as opposed to you sending it through the HR website. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for visiting The Asylum. Be sure to come back. Why don't you join in Fun Monday. Info on my second post down. Invite all you blogging buddies. Great way to meet new bloggers.
    A Scandinavian Crusie? Wow! I would love to know all the ports of call.
    Can't help much with the job search thing from out here in the High Desert.