Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No tornadoes here

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But with the temperatures reaching over a hundred this week, fire season has begun early.

This is one of my favorite mountains, it is the Hollywood Hills and home to Griffith Park. It houses our Zoo, the great Christmas Light Show, the Observatory and the infamous Greek Theatre. Today is the 3rd fire on that mountain since March 1. This is the view from across the street from my house. Click on it for other views.

For those that know the area, I became aware of this fire not while I was home, but when I was leaving Mary's house. I got on the 101 at Winnetka and saw the smoke, then made the curve at about White Oak (just before the 405) and could see flames from that far away.


  1. It is 8:15 p.m. as the sky gets darker, the flames get brighter. Adam is walking down the street to get pictures. I will add them to my flick'r.

  2. This is way too close for comfort. It was the lead story on the Today show this morning.

  3. There were times on Tuesday night when the mountains looked like an erupting volcano. Glad it's over.