Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cruisers 2

104It is about 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon. We have spent a lazy, lazy day today at sea. We woke up late and we wandered upstairs just as they were switching over from breakfast to lunch. We decided to wait for the lunch at the grill by the pool and while we were sitting there I noticed the hot tub. Mmmmm, hot tub. So Adrienne and I went back to the room, changed into our bathing suits, and jumped in. Nice!! It was probably in the mid 60s and overcast, but the sun started to come out and it was beautiful. We had a nice lunch and then sat and read our books while looking over the water. Well, some of us fell asleep but who is counting.

We went to the Broadway Name That Tune trivia contest and even teaming up with some fellow Holliday Parker’s a complete stranger from New York we did not win. They had some answers we did not but there were some ringers in the crowd who got a perfect score. We are not used to losing and will not do that again.

I don’t plan to use more minutes to load this until tonight so I will try to add a picture from our first formal night. Tomorrow is our first port. Hello, Norway!

10:15pm We had a wonderful dinner and watched a great show and then we just watched an amazing sunset. Yes, you heard me right, we JUST watched the sunset. Actually we just watched a piece of it before we were forced back inside by the wind, it still had a way to go. We have a bus tour of Oslo set up for tomorrow morning and I will try to let you know how it went soon.

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