Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cruisers 5 - Eating

0125The food is, as you would expect, excellent. This is a picture of one of our appetizers from the other night and it was just as yummy as it was pretty. Besides the three of us we have Sally and her friend Chuck and Pat and her daughter Beth at our table. We usually do different things throughout the day so we have plenty to talk about through dinner. I don’t understand why the cruise lines don’t train every service industry in the world. As we get close to the dining room someone comes to help wheel mom’s chair right to the table. After the second night, three diet cokes (Beth has one too) and mom’s milk hit table just as we are sitting down and they don’t stay empty long.

0126We have our breakfast down to a science now too. We head to the back of the room rather than taking the first table we see and as I get mom settled at a table Adrienne grabs a small carton of milk and a box of cereal, then I go for ice, water, and milk while A gets in line for our waffles and bacon. It is a great system. Lunch has been on the pool deck at the grill, we can catch some sun while still having the sides covered so the wind is not too bad.

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