Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cruisers 7 - Helsinki, Finland

0135We did not have a tour planned for Helsinski so we decided to just take a shuttle into the city and look around. It was raining when we got up so we were a little worried, but as soon as we got off the shuttle the sun came out and it was beautiful again. We wheeled Mom through the park and then parked her at the edge of the market place. She people watched while Adrienne and I walked through the market and found some really good deals. We got t-shirts for the kids, bells, shot glasses, ornaments, and something for Adrienne’s spoiled rotten little princess of a Granddaughter. I will post a picture of her wearing it on the JKZ site as soon as we have one and then you will understand.

We got back on the boat and had the place to ourselves to go in the hot tub and each lunch. We are currently playing a geography quiz, but I think we are getting our butts kicked.


  1. Helsinki, Finland is home to ALOT of music festicals such as RuisRock. This is Adam.

  2. I am following all of this and enjoying as much as if I was with you. Keep it up.