Friday, July 6, 2007

You Have Won.....Blah blah blah

Almost on a daily basis I receive emails with those words in the subject. I never bother to look at anything further than that, I just send it to the spam bucket. Upon returning from my trip I had a pile of snail mail to go through. One was from Costco (Price CLub, Sam's Club for reference) saying they were sorry I hadn't replied to their email, perhaps there was a problem with my ISP. They went on to say that I had entered their mileage contest a while back (vague memory, I enter just about every contest in stores, just in case) and that I had 30 days to claim my prize at my neighborhood Costco. It didn't say what the prize was or the value, but heh, I needed to go to Costco anyways so I figured what the heck. OMG! This is what I won! I know I can hardly believe it myself. There was a ton of paperwork to sign and of course there is a law about leaving Costco without spending money, so I had to remember to go back and actually buy the items I came for in the first place.

Now I am going to set it all up, wish me luck!

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