Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Taj and I went to Vegas this week and decided this was not a gambling trip but a tourist trip. BIG MISTAKE! Gambling, you find a nice machine under an A/C vent with a nice lady walking around giving you free drinks. Touristy, you melt standing on the Hoover Dam, for no damn reason at all. We were informed by the kind security guard that shared his tiny piece of shade with me, that is was estimated between 115 and 120 in the middle of he dam. Needless to say, we saw everything we needed to see, from that tiny piece of shade. A Gondola ride at the Venetian is not very romantic when you are afraid your each going to burst into flames at any given moment. Only afterwards did we realize that you could either do inside or outside. But it was nicely air conditioned in Madame Tussauds.

Marisa, Caitlyn and I fly out tomorrow for Ava, NY. We are meeting up with the rest of the family for Melody's wedding this weekend. Kathy and Adam will fly in on Saturday morning. We have been informed by Mel that it is HOT and STICKY (two of my least favorite things).

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