Monday, February 4, 2008


Kathy and I are both registered as Democrats. Marisa registered Non-Partisan. Adam will register next week as whatever he chooses. We hold no steadfast rules in this house about whom you vote for. Only that you vote. Your vote is your opinion and your right.

In the state of California for a Primary Election, as a Democrat you may only vote for a Democrat, as a Republican you may only vote for a Republican and so on throughout the smaller registered parties. But as a Non-Partisan you are given a choice. When the matter was taken to all of the parties and they were given the choice of having Non-Partisans vote for them, only the Democrats and the American Independents ok'd the idea. The Republicans refused. So on election day, Marisa will have the choice of voting for either a Democratic candidate or an American Independent or to not vote for a candidate at this time.

Getting back to the title, I expect to get phone calls from Obama and Clinton. But not a one has been received. We have however, received more than 10 phone calls from Mc Cain and Romney combined! One is even from Scarlett Johannssen (actress), who encourages "independent, Non-Partisan people like myself", to vote for Romney (or McCain, I don't recall who she was supporting)on Tuesday! WHo the heck thought up that script! Obviously they need to get a writer who isn't on strike!

I also am not pleased with Romney's television commercials bashing Hillary Clinton. This is the Primary, he is running against McCain et. al. Is he so afraid of Clinton that he is now endorsing Obama? What scares a white man more than a black man? A woman!

In your frame of mind, Uncle John, is Ann Coulter, who agreed with you that if McCain gets the nomination she may have to vote Democratic.

The question about Obama came up at the beginning of all this, some wondered because of his mixed race heritage (his mother is caucasian) whether he was black enough. Now the wonder for Republicans is about McCain, is he conservative enough?

I think an Obama/Clinton (or vice cersa) ticket would be an ideal. And then in eight years they can switch.


  1. we have probably got about 50 calls from hilary...just got one as I was reading this blog.

  2. I am a die hard conservative first and a Republican second. (Isn't this a great country where we can have different philosophies without blowing each other up.) If nominated, I will not vote for McCain (like Ann). He has done too much over the years to piss me off. I also will not vote for Hillary or Obama. I will vote for the most conservative candidate who ever that is (except McCain). I might have to write-in Duncan Hunter.
    BTW: We got about 5 or 10 robo-calls for Romney yesterday. Almost makes me wish I did not already vote for him by absentee ballot.

  3. I'm glad that you have that "just as long as you vote" rule. It seems like a lot of people vote a certain way just because that's the way their parents/relatives vote. I have quite a few friends that are that way, and that's just wierd. Can you not make up your OWN minds about what you believe??? Sure, you can have the same beliefs, but how about thinking it through yourself first? I'm glad y'all don't think that way, and I applaud you for voting for what you believe instead of what others tell you to believe.

  4. You know, if a woman is the next United States president the rest of the world will definitely look at us differently and I worry about our men overseas. Too many other countries still do not give their women any rights. What in the world will they think of Americans now???

    As for Obama.... I just can't get myself to say President Obama... It just sounds too much like I am saying President Osama... Can't do it. God forbid if he for some reason does become the next president I will never say or write his name. He will just have to be "President O".

    Again, I am so glad I am a republican and pray that anyone else becomes president other than either of those two!