Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Not him but maybe a distant cousin, is scurrying around my house right now! EEEEKKKKK!

About 1am Adam got up to get a drink and saw a mouse in the kitchen so he promptly got me up and we saw it scurry past the dog and into the back of the house.

I immediately got dressed and ran out to the grocery store (yes Cheryl to Ralph's), and bought some poison. Getting home we put the dog in the bathroom for the night and started opening boxes. When I read the box it says it takes 4-5 days for the mice (god, I hope it is not mice and is only a mouse)to begin dying after eating. That is way too long for me to wait. So back to Ralph's for glue traps. I don't care if or how it dies, immobilization is good enough for me. So now we have placed 6 glue traps around the hosue, the dog is still in the bathroom for the ngiht (the traps are peanut butter scented, with our luck the dog would get one attached to her nose!) and I am settled in for an all-nighter. There is no way I can comfortably sleep knowing this varmint is running free in my house.

I remember a lot of mice growing up on Navy. We had a burial plot on the side of the house for after they were caught in the old metal traps. Mom would never empty the traps, she had to call her friend Lenore to come over and do it. That is a GOOD friend. I distinctly remember standing on the bottom landing of the stairs to the upstairs bedroom (most of you who read this have lived in that house at one time or another and know exactly where I am talking about.) before school in the morning and hving to pee so bad, but not wanting to go to the bathroom because we had seen a mouse the night before. So I stood right there and peed in my uniform.

I am such a girl.


  1. Good luck.
    We found evidence (droppings) of a mouse in our garage last year. We set out metal spring loaded traps with peanut butter bait but caught nothing. I figure it left on it's own.

  2. Have you noticed the Ads by Google next to this posting are all about catching mice/pests. Is it any wonder Google is the largest on-line advertiser in the world.

  3. ALso, I get paid for these advertisements. Every time someone clicks on one of them, I get money. I have already received one check for $100I am almost up to my second $100. So click away, no purchase necessary.

    It doesn't work if I click.

  4. OK. I clicked on all of them. Will you get more if I click on them again?

  5. If you put the mouse up on the screen I will click on him and get rid of him for you.

  6. The second mouse gets the cheese

  7. Did you hear about the man wanting to set a trap for a mouse? He could find no cheese or peanut butter so he used a picture of a piece of cheese. Sure enough he caught something, a picture of a mouse.