Saturday, April 26, 2008

At Sea

Well, try as they might (and they are trying) Royal Caribbean can’t force us to have a bad time on this cruise. We did not get our luggage until 5 minutes before dinner, our shower head was broken, and then our table reservations were screwed up for dinner. 018We ended up at a two-top table (instead of the 6-top with our friends) and it was right next to the waiter prep station so they were loading and unloading trays right next to our heads the whole time. When we complained about the table assignment we were told to talk to our group to work out a solution. Those of you that know Adrienne know just how she took that one. You screwed up, you fix it. In the end though we decided not to bother our friends with it since they were all happy at their tables and we just asked them to move us to another table.

Once we both calmed down (it has been a long, long couple of days) we laughed throughout the meal and we fully intend to have a great time. We find ourselves often stopping to say “mom would have loved this" and/or "mom would have hated this.” She would have loved the Rome tour today, but should would have hated the point where we got out of bus at St. Peter’s Square because the sidewalks were all brick and very uneven and they would not let anyone stay on the bus. She would have been upset that we were not totally happy with our accommodations. But, if she had been here our table would not have been screwed up or we would have been perfectly happy to be at a private table for three.

10:30am – Update: We found out that the pools (2) and hot tubs (4) are open 24/7. BONUS. We just got back from a dip in the hot tub and we are ready to melt into bed. Tomorrow we are at sea all day so I am hoping to get a bunch of posts up at once.

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