Saturday, April 26, 2008


4/26/08 6:30am
OK, we are done with flight #1. Well, #1 for me, #2 for Adrienne (sorry that sounds more scatological than I intended). We are currently in the Frankfort airport waiting for our connecting flight to Rome.

Our flight here was relatively fine. There was not much sleeping and Adrienne engaged in a constant battle with the guy in front of her to save her knees. He was determined to push his seat back, but she was more determined he would not. She won.

005We did have individual TV screens at our seats and we had the opportunity to watch this movie. Now I have been known to Time Warp and throw toilet paper (GREAT SCOTT!) in my day but I am not sure I would want to watch this entire movie sitting on a plane with headphones on. Adrienne and I watched Enchanted and tried to keep it synced with pauses for dinner and potty breaks (we are easily amused).

There were also many, many children on our flight. You would think it was world children’s day in Germany, but I think that was last June. For our viewing and listening pleasure there were two cuties two rows in front of us (the bulkhead seating). The baby on the right was about four months old and reminded a lot of this child , the baby on the left was about 4 weeks and reminded me of a devil child. That baby was having some serious issues with being up in a plane and she was determined to let everyone know it. She cried for about 80% of the flight.

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